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Viságe R5 Procedure Manual Templates
Accounts Payable Module

Create Suppliers Account
(doc format)

Enter Creditor Invoices (with costing to Jobs)
(doc format)

Enter Creditor Invoices (with NO costing to Jobs)
(doc format)

Enter a Creditor Adjustment Note
(doc format)

Pay Suppliers via Direct Debit
(doc format)

Accounts Payable Enquiry
(doc format)

Accounts Receivable Module

Create Customers Account
(doc format)

Debtors Enquiry
(doc format)

Multi Customer Enquiry
(doc format)

Payment Reversal
(doc format)

Print Statements
(doc format)

Accounts Receivable Documents
(doc format)

Cash Receipts (Receipt in a payment from a client)
(doc format)

Applying Payments & Credits
(doc format)

Account Status
(doc format)

Bank Reconciliation Module

Create Bank Types
(doc format)

Create Financial Institutions
(doc format)

Create Bank Charges
(doc format)

Create Bank Accounts
(doc format)

Manually Enter a Bank Statement
(doc format)

Import Bank Statements
(doc format)

Query Resolution
(doc format)

Inventory Module

Stores Requisitions
(doc format)

(doc format)

Stock Adjustment
(doc format)

Order Entry Module

Customer Order Entry
(doc format)

(doc format)

(doc format)

(doc format)

Payroll Module

Superannuation - SuperStream
(doc format)

(doc format)

(RESC) Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions (1)
(doc format)

(RESC) Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions (2)
(doc format)

Employee Details
(doc format)

Time Card Entries
(doc format)

Enter Payroll Details - Paymaster Entries
(doc format)

Terminate Employee
(doc format)

Payroll Generation
(doc format)

Point of Sale

Point of Sale Menu
(doc format) (10mb)

Purchase Order Module

Create a Purchase Order
(doc format)

Goods Receipt Note Entry
(doc format)

Goods Receipt Note Matching
(doc format)

Goods Receipt Entry
(doc format)

Supplier Credits Entry
(doc format)


New User Instructions
(doc format)

unPosted Transactions
(doc format)

Viságe Designer Training Videos
For best results when viewing these videos, change player settings/quality to 1080p and view in full screen mode
Viságe 101 – Architecture Click to view (Running time 39:42)
Viságe 101 – System & File Basics Click to view (Running time 2:15:50)
Viságe 101 – Design Basics
Viságe 101 – BIT & More Features                


Viságe R5 Training Videos
For best results when viewing these videos, change player settings/quality to 1080p and view in full screen mode
An Introduction to Stamina Viságe Version 8.0 Click to view (Running time 40:23)
Viságe and the Internet Click to view (Running time 4:12)
Viságe Accounts Payable Enquiries Click to view (Running time 18:11)
Viságe Accounts Payable Foreign Currency Supplies Click to view (Running time 18:27)
Viságe Invoice Entry - Part 1 Click to view (Running time 40:02)
Viságe Invoice Entry - Part 2 - Working with Tally Sheets Click to view (Running time 20:33)
Viságe Invoice Entry - Part 3 - Working with Quotes Click to view (Running time 22:34)
Viságe Point of Sale Click to view (Running time 46:21)
Viságe R5 General Ledger Parameters Click to view (Running time 11:34)
Viságe Accounts Receivable Parameters
Viságe Accounts Receivable Enquiries
Viságe Inventory Enquiries
Viságe Purchase Order Entry - Part 1
Viságe Purchase Order Processing - Part 2
Viságe Goods Receipts Entry - Quick & Easy
Viságe Goods Receipts Note Entry & Matching
Viságe Supplier Credits
Viságe Importing System - Parameters & Setup
Viságe Importing System - Receiving Goods



Viságe Manuals
Viságe Short Cut Keys

Viságe Short Cut Keys

(21kb DOC File)

Viságe BIT - Examples

Examples Manual

(1.34mb PDF File)

Viságe BIT - Manual

Viságe BIT Manual

(4.5mb PDF File)
Viságe Reporter Manual

Viságe Reporter Manual

(6mb PDF File)
Viságe Reporter - Examples

Viságe Report Examples

(3.6mb PDF File)

Set up Labels

(868kb PDF File) 


R5 Training Manuals
Stamina R5 Manual Stamina R5 Manual (unzip & run manuals.htm) (zip File)
Export report to a Windows File Stamina to Windows Manual (pdf File)
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Overview (doc file)
  Setup Suppliers for Direct Payment (doc File)
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Payment Reversal (doc file)
  Account Status (doc file)
  Cash Receipts & Bank Deposits (doc file)
  Contra Invoice Procedure (doc file)
Bank Reconciliation
Cash Receipts & Bank Deposits (doc file)
  Query Resolution (doc file)
General Ledger General Ledger - Technical Overview (doc file)
  General Ledger - Initial Setup (doc file)
Inventory System Inventory Menu (doc file)
  Stocktake Procedure (doc file)
Job Costing System Job Costing (doc file)
How Can I? (doc File)
Order Entry & Invoicing Order Entry & Invoicing Menu (doc file)
Payroll Changes to TERMEMP processing (doc file)
Query Language
Query Language Training Document (doc file)
  PowerPoint Presentation (ppt file)
PowerPoint Presentation (ppsx file)


Email to Fax Documentation
Email to Fax Documentation



Lynx Manuals
Setup WordLynx V2.32 (2.56Mb) 

WordLynx Manual

(370kb PDF File) 
Setup FaxLynx V2.18 (9.29mb)
Manual FaxLynx Manual (451Kb)
MailLynx (Trial Version)    
Setup MailLynx V1.06 Setup file - (2.06 MB)
Manual MailLynx Setup Manual (82 KB)
Launcher Setup MailLynx  
Launcher Manual MailLynx Launcher Manual  


Hardware Manuals  



Stamina Software End User Licence Agreement
Generic End User Software Licence Software Licence




Upgrade Notes
Stamina R5 Application

Version 2015.1

June 2015 (11kb PDF File)


Version 2014.1

October 2014 (53 kb PDF File)


Version 2013.2

December 2013 (40 kb PDF File)

Version 2013.1

June 2013 (48 kb PDF File)

Version 2012.2

June 2012 (38 kb PDF File)

Version 2012.1

March 2012 (38 kb PDF File) 

Version 2011.3

October 2011 (50 kb PDF File)

Version 2011.2

February 2011 (39 kb PDF File) 
  Version 2010.4 September 2010 (47 kb PDF File)
  Version 2010.3 June 2010 (38 kb PDF File)
  Version 2010.2 April 2010 (30 kb PDF File)
  Version 2010.1 April 2010 (42 kb PDF File)
  Version 2010 January 2010 (53 kb PDF File)



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