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A new era in multi value software design.

If you are still looking for a "go forward" strategy to move your software development into the 21st Century, then you owe it to your self to check out Viságe. Viságe

Viságe.BIT is the Business Intelligence Tookit (BIT) component of the Viságe Application Development Framework, and allows you to easily integrate 21st Century online analytical processing (OLAP) and data warehouse capabilities into your Viságe applications. Viságe.BIT

Viságe.DRS is an essential component of any D3 disaster recovery plan, and also solves the problem of the ever decreasing window of time available for traditional backup strategies.

It doesn't matter if your systems run 24/7 or just 9-5, the Viságe Data Replication Service will help protect your valuable corporate data by efficiently replicating it to one or more replication servers, across the building or across the globe! Viságe.DRS

At stamina software we are committed to providing world class quality business solutions and services that exceed our customers expectations, and development of long term relationships based upon
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Integrity and
  • Reliability.




R5 is our flagship product, functionally rich and mature, offering a total business solution across an extremely wide range of business sectors, and a proven capacity to support companies with hundreds of online users.

With R5 you can be safe in the knowledge that as your business grows, your computer system can grow with it. R5 System



WordLynx runs as a service under Windows NT, allowing the WordLynx Server to operate whilst the machine is being used for other tasks, or even when it is not logged on to a Windows Network, and the machine must (obviously) have a licenced copy of Microsoft Word installed. .. WordLynx




FaxLynx consists of the main FaxLynx Server, a Client for use from any windows based product, and some fax administration, configuration & monitoring routines. FaxLynx

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