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Viságe.DRS is an essential component of any D3 disaster recovery plan, and also solves the problem of the ever decreasing window of time available for traditional backup strategies.

It doesn't matter if your systems run 24/7 or just 9-5, the Viságe Data Replication Service will help protect your valuable corporate data by efficiently replicating it to one or more replication servers, across the building or across the globe!

Why Viságe.DRS?
In the event of a catastrophic system failure you need to get your systems back online FAST. You don't have time to load your last full backup, restore from an incremental save, replay a transaction log (assuming you can retrieve this from the failed system), and then wait for indicies to rebuild. With Viságe.DRS you can be back online in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

What about D3 Hot Backup?
For a start, Hot Backup isn't available to D3 NT Systems, nor does it offer the added security of multiple replicated servers and redundant logs, auto-recovery from network transport failures, data transmission confirmation, clean system replication from dirty backups, set and forget GUI administration, pro-active self management - the list goes on.

How does Viságe.DRS work?
Viságe.DRS logs don't consume overflow, so don't contribute to file fragmentation, and can be on a physically separate drive than your database to minimize I/O contention. Log transmission and processing is offloaded to another system, freeing the database to concentrate on being just a database, and reducing CPU processing load.

Do I need a special D3 Licence?
NO! Each replicated server does require a D3 licence but a single user system could be used to replicate a 1,000 user environment. In the event of a system failure you would simply re-activate one of your backup servers with your primary licence, just like you would do if your disaster recovery plan required you to source a new server.

How is Viságe.DRS Licensed?
We wanted Viságe.DRS to be affordable for everybody, and have adopted a simple, low cost annual subscription model based on the number of users on your primary/replicated server, and the number of servers you wish to replicate to.


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