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How much money do you currently have tied up in stock? Imagine being able to reduce your overall stock holding by even a few percent, while still maintaining adequate stock levels to satisfy sales or manufacturing requirements demand.

Stamina Sales Forecasting uses an algorithm designed to maximise your overall return on investment, which is one of the key indicators for any commercial entity, through the use of relatively simple calculations, but on a scale that is only possible with a computer.

As with any forecasting technique, historical information is an important indicator for future demand, for both seasonal and relatively constant demand stock lines. You can control the relative importance given to these historical results, which variable weightings given to results for "X" weeks or months ago.

You may also vary the significance of unit sales, profit margin and net sales value for a product when determining the relative importance or ranking of each product in relation to your entire product range.

An automatic, stock ranking procedure will use these rules to perform the equivalent of an "ABC" analysis, except rankings can go from A to Z and beyond if necessary. This relative ranking, or importance to your business, of a product is then used to determine an appropriate buffer or safety stock for each product.

Forecasts are then made, using a demand forecast model or plan, to arrive at an anticipated demand for each product over the known forecast cycle period.

Using this figure, current stock levels, outstanding supplier orders due for delivery within the cycle, order lead times and buffer stock, a stock requirement can be determined by simple arithmetic.

The system will also alert you to products that it believes are currently overstocked, or that may fall below safety levels or become totally depleted over the cycle period, for special attention.

This information can then be used to plan stock distributions in a multi-location environment, or have the system automatically generate purchase orders against the appropriate suppliers for the necessary stock.

Stamina Sales Forecasting is a proven tool that will help put you in control of your stock, taking the guess work out of this important business function.


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