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R5 can be deployed on Windows 2000 and all of the popular Unix distributions, including Linux, AIX, Solaris. As an Open Systems product R5 can be moved freely and easily between these environments as your requirements change.

In distributed environments it is possible, though not necessarily desirable, to have different sites running under different operating systems appropriate for the unique needs of each.

Stamina R5 can be installed on a wide variety of database platforms.

Our preference is D3 from Tiger Logic (ex Raining Data/Pick Systems), which is the primary platform we use for internal development. Through their Open System File Interface (OSFI), Raining Data allow easy client/server deployment and configuration, and also support foreign databases (like Oracle on AIX platforms).

Stamina R5 can also be in conjunction with the following database products with minimal (if any) code changes :

If you are deploying Stamina R5 on a PC based platform, obviously any clone type machine could be capable of supporting the application, though you should be aware that Stamina Software will only supply and deploy IBM e-Series servers because of their proven performance. However, we would suggest that for any non-trivial installation you consider using recognized server class machines from the likes of IBM, Acer, Compaq, Dell, NEC etc.

However, there does come a point where current PC based technology may simply not be adequate. Though your choices will vary depending on your database vendor of choice, obvious additions to your shopping list would be the likes of IBM (AIX & NT), HP (HP-UX & NT).

Terminal Emulation
If you are using PC's connected to a host via either serial or network (TCP/IP) connection, you would access R5 using AccuTerm 2000 from AccuSoft and an AccuTerm Site Licence is included with your R5 licence.

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