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What is it?
ZAPT is an Advanced Programming Tool, or 4th Generation computer Language, that was designed specifically to generate high performance multi-user, multi-company business applications and has been used for the development of the entire Stamina Software product range.

What does this mean to me ?
All processes within the Stamina Software solution have a consistent look and feel. In a very real sense this means that once an operator has learnt how to drive one program they have mastered the entire system ! This in turn translates to lower initial and ongoing training costs and a greater likelihood that your operators and managers will use a larger portion of the system capabilities.

As the complete ZAPT development environment is supplied with all Stamina Software systems you can ensure that any special extensions that you may have developed for the system will share this common look and feel, and

ZAPT also provides the inherent benefits of any 4GL, like rapid program development, and delivers the framework for unique features like our Dynamic Binding Technology, Field Level Security, process shortcuts, keyboard macros, Context Sensitive Help and much more.

If your organization does need custom development performed, then using the ZAPT 4GL will minimize your overall development costs, reduce delivery time, and ensure that error free programs are developed that adhere to the Stamina Software interface standards.

Importantly, software developed with ZAPT is converted to compiled object code which contributes to the phenomenal speed and highly efficient resource utilization that is a characteristic of Stamina Software solutions.

How does it work ?
For all but the most technically inquisitive users, the answer to this question is irrelevant, as the ZAPT 4GL tool kit is something that you will simply not come in contact with, although you will enjoy the benefits it enables on a daily basis.

ZAPT consists of a number of discrete tools which are accessed through a programmers workbench that has been designed to reduce programmer keystrokes, and errors, in a development environment. These tools include facilities to create files, maintain data dictionaries, edit program source code & maintain the parameters that the main ZAPT compiler operates on.

These high level program descriptor parameters are analyzed by an optimizing code generator, which produces native Pick Basic 3GL source code that has proven to be 100% error free, which is then compiled with the language compilers supplied with the Advanced Pick:Open Database environment.

If you are using D3 as a database on a Unix computer platform, then it is also possible to have this code optimized even further by generating C language source code, the native programming language of Unix, which is then compiled with an optimizing C compiler to generate native machine code for your target CPU.


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