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What is it ?
Field Level Security allows you to activate portions of the Stamina Software Advanced Security System that allow you to easily control or specify who has access to what information within the system, allowing you to enable or disable access to information down to the level of an individual field on a process screen.

What does this mean to me ?

Information is probably the most valuable corporate resources that any organization possesses, and by providing a mechanism to deliver the information that individual users require in order to perform their normal day to day activities in a timely and efficient manner.

While you want people to have ready access to the information they need in order to perform their work, you don’t want people to be able to access key information that

For example, it may be desirable to allow a clerk to access payroll information in order to maintain employee names and addresses, but you would not necessarily want this person to be able to see, or modify, the pay rates applicable to each employee.

This is one obvious application of the field level security capability of the Advanced Security System that is supplied with all stamina software solutions.

Field level security can also be applied to less critical information to ensure that changes are not accidentally made to important information, or to police the fact that information is only changed by key, authorized personnel.

By applying a password to a field you limit the ability to change the information in the protected field to those select people who have been authorized to make changes, by virtue of the fact that they know the password.

Alternatively, specific write levels may be set (combined with authorization codes in hyper-sensitive environments) so that authorized people have a write level sufficient to change, or write to the field, people further down the chain may still be able to read or see the information, while those at the lower levels of your corporate structure may not even have a write level sufficient to even see the contents of a field.

When combined with security profiles you have an effective shield to protect your valuable corporate information.

How does it work ?
Field level security is maintained via a simple menu item, FIELDSEC, which displays the discrete fields associated with a nominated process, and allows you to set individual read & write levels, necessary authority codes for access or simply passwords. Importantly, these security measures can be varied from entity to entity.

Your Stamina Software solution then looks at these security files when a process is running, comparing access requirements of a field to those of the current user to determine if information should be displayed or changed.


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