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What is it ?
Context sensitive help is a generic term applied to the integrated help processor that is delivered with the entire Stamina Software product range, which provides an online manual facility that intelligently displays help information that is relevant to the task at hand.

What does this mean to me ?
Imagine you had an intelligent assistant hovering over your shoulder, armed with the full manual set for your Stamina Software solution (you had better imagine this assistant as muscular person, because in bound and printed form we are talking about a manual pile that is around knee height !

As you move from program to program, from field to field, your assistant flicks through the appropriate manual to the section that deals with the question currently being prompted on the screen. If you need help in understanding what you should enter in the current field, or even what the purpose of the current program is, then you simply ask your assistant to actually show you the manual

You physically do this on the keyboard by hitting the key that has been designated as the HeLP key for your workstation, usually the F1 function key.

This activates the help processor, which by default will display the help text associated with the current question. A function line allows you to access additional help on the entire program you are using, standard conventions and function keys used by the system, or on the help processor itself.

This should give you sufficient information to resolve problems without having to resort to the hard copy manuals, which are generated directly from this online help text. Once you have read enough to resolve your problem, simply press the ESC key and you are returned to the exact point in the program you were at prior to activating the help processor.

Every field in every program has context sensitive help associated with it, and the entire program too.

This context sensitive help is supplemented by the HOWDOI process, which provides a search engine to specific procedures to solve common problems and answer typical questions that are fielded through Stamina Software support centres.

For example, if you wanted to know how to change a product code (because your supplier has started to provide goods which are barcoded), you could go to the HOWDOI processes, enter the keyword of, say, "product", which would display all topics that related to products or your inventory system. Pick the article relating to changing product codes, and the procedure will be detailed in a step-by-step manner.

How does it work ?
Operationally, as noted above, you access context sensitive help by pressing the HeLP key, usually the F1 function key, from anywhere in the system, which accesses the appropriate entries in the help library using links established with the ZAPT 4GL when the program was defined/written by Stamina Software.

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