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What are they?

Concurrent Users refers to the number of users, or workstations, that are actually in use at any given point of time within your organization, rather than the total workstation population.

What does this mean to me ?
Stamina Software solutions, and the underlying relational database products, are licensed on a per concurrent user basis, rather than the more traditional per workstation approach. This means that you can rightsize your software solution to more closely match your real requirements, which in turn can translate into significant reductions in licence fees and ongoing costs.

A user in this context is a workstation that is actually logged on to the stamina software system, and capable of performing work.

In order to benefit from this approach you need to more closely examine the operational requirements of your organization, looking at the patterns of workstation use.

For example, if you have a sales department staff of 6, and everyone has a workstation on their desk, BUT there are never more than 2 sales staff in the office at any time then 2 concurrent users would be sufficient to fully service this area.

It is possible to increase your concurrent user count within 24 hours, so we recommend that people initially install their stamina software system with far fewer users than they may intuitively believe are necessary, and expand your user count in increments of 1 user as practical experience dictates

The resultant savings can be spectacular ! For example, after gaining an appreciation of this concept one client (well, actually a prospect at the time) with a 50+ workstation system believed they would need a system capable of supporting 25 concurrent users. We convinced them to install a minimal 6 user system when the system was being installed, and to increase the user count as required as more areas came on-line during the implementation phase

You could appreciate their surprise when they discovered that a system supporting just 10 concurrent users was capable of servicing their needs

It should also be emphasized that you are not price disadvantaged by gradually increasing your user count to X users rather than making a single purchasing decision to acquire an X user system - your total investment is constant, regardless of how you arrive at an X user system.

How does it work ?
Your Stamina Software, and the underlying database, is licensed for a certain number of concurrent users. When an attempt is made to log on to the system a check is made to see if this limit has been reached. If the current user limit has not been exceeded then an internal user counter is incremented, and the person is given access to the system. If the user limit has already been reached then the user is informed that the limit has been reached an they should try again later (when someone else has logged off the system).

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