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Sound cash and inventory management demands that you be fully aware of all future commitments for goods and services. Failure to adequately control and monitor your purchases can quickly lead to a major expenditure blow-out, or worse, see orders replicated or totally forgotten.

In any business there have to be checks and controls, like who is entitled to place orders, to what value, what is the quality standard we require for certain goods and services and so forth. Stamina Purchase Orders System allows you to establish these basic business parameters and will then automatically enforce these policies for you.

Purchase orders can be raised for stock and non-stock items, services or any combination of both, against local and overseas suppliers. Each line of a purchase order can have its’ own expected delivery lead time or requirement, and if appropriate can be pre-allocated against a job.

Purchase orders can then be physically printed, or sent directly to a fax or EDI link if appropriate and available. If you have a Quality Assurance program in place, appropriate standards and specifications can be automatically appended to the order that is produced.

The progress of an order can also be monitored, either in whole, or by specific line, which can aid with customer queries, and also help with other planning activities if delays are to be expected.

When stock or a service is actually received or provided, there are two mechanisms by which it can be processed. If an invoice has been received a simple one step procedure is available, otherwise a physical receipt can be made via a goods receipt note, which must then be matched with an invoice when it arrives.

In either case a quick entry procedure is available for when a receipt is being made against orders, and you may also elect to allow processing of goods and services where no purchase order has been raised. Partial receipts against an order, or multiple orders arriving as a single receipt can be processed.

The system also allows you to enter details for credit claims, and will generate the necessary documentation for you. A return reason is associated with each line of a claim, which can then be used for claim analysis and overall supplier evaluation/review, allowing you to quantify what type of problems are arising with a supplier, and for what reasons.

Additional management reports and enquiries make sure that you, and your sales, production and purchasing staff are kept fully informed on the status of your orders.

For example, order reports can be sorted by Order Authoriser so that each purchasing officer can follow up their own outstanding orders that are due for delivery in the near future. Forward cash flows can be projected based upon orders placed, expected delivery date and the suppliers normal terms of trade, and receipts that remain unmatched with a suppliers invoice can be listed for follow up.

All orders outstanding for a supplier can be quickly located on screen, and details for all receipts made to date against the order reviewed. It is possible to recall full details of a receipt onscreen months, or even years after the physical receipt if necessary.

The Stamina Purchase Orders System will help you better manage all aspect of your purchasing, keeping you well informed and in total control, and allowing you to ultimately offer your customers a higher level of service with an assurance of quality.

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