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A truly effective Point of Sale system must be much more than simply a mechanism to collect information at the source of a transaction. It should offer your sales staff a means of providing better customer service, streamline and simplify in store activities like lay-by control and stock transfers, and provide checks and controls like register reconciliation to ensure that errors are also identified, and corrected, at their source.

The Stamina Point of Sale system was designed with these additional goals in mind, and allows you to tailor the point of sale environment to meet your unique requirements.

An open systems approach was employed in the design of the system, allowing a virtually unlimited choice of POS devices so that you can select one with the features your require.

This flexibility means that you can implement a low cost solution using a normal terminal, cash drawer and receipt/slip printer, use direct connect cash registers, select from the vast array of standalone, intelligent cash registers, have in store communications controllers attached to multiple registers, or have any combination of the above.

Stamina places no limits on you in terms of having to use a "Brand X" register, but obviously the features available to you will vary depending on your choice. For example, a stand alone register may not allow you to enquire on stock levels at other retail outlets in order to make a sale to a customer that has asked "Can you deliver a pink one tomorrow?"

If you have not already selected a POS device, our consultants will discuss the relative merits, pros and cons of the various options available to you, so that you can select the POS device that is most appropriate to your business.

Examples of information that can be collected at store level from a POS device include sales, returns, lay-bys, accounts payments, stock transfers and receipts, petty cash payments and even payroll information.

Point of Sale is largely an exercise in data capture, which in turn is used to update other Back Office Stamina systems, like Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Payroll. However, it also contains a number of functions specific to the retail environment.

These include lay-by control, gift voucher sale and redemption, and reconciliation facilities to ensure that everything that has passed through a till or cash register is actually banked.

Point of Sale is also an exercise in customer service, which means having access to information to answer customer queries. This may require access to inventory to check product availability, purchase orders to see when new stock is arriving, and accounts receivable to be able to tell your customer what their current account balance is.

No matter what your requirements are, Stamina Point of Sale will be able to satisfy your current needs, and provides you with a sound platform for future growth to meet the ever changing demands of the Retail Environment.


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