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People are the key to any successful business, and deserve the same level or care and management as your other important resources. The Stamina Payroll system will streamline and simplify your regular pay activities, and provide valuable personnel information to help maintain good employee relationships.

Salaried and timecard employees can be processed with equal ease, and flexible pay periods mean that larger organisations can have staggered pay days if required. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or direct bank deposit, with part payment across multiple bank accounts if directed by your employees.

Each employee can have an unlimited number of standard or special additions and deductions associated with their pays, and deductions can be expressed as dollar figures or as a percentage of gross pay, which is useful for saving and insurance schemes.

Although each employee is associated with a standard labor classification, this can be varied to reflect the actual work performed via timecard or paymaster entries. The hourly pay rate can vary with different awards, or over-award payments calculated, and special rates for individually negotiated employment contracts can also be processed automatically.

Salaried employees only need have information entered for exceptions, like sick days or holidays, with normal payment being automatic. Standard payroll batches can be established for timecard employees, allowing you to also operate on an exception basis for these employees, which is particularly useful with casual labour.

If appropriate, payroll information can also update the Job Costing System, optionally tracking labour to the level of individual activities or processes. This labour can be costed on a prime cost basis, or include overhead recovery if this is more appropriate for your operation.

Stamina Payroll also provides for full accounting of accruals, such as sick leave, holidays, rostered days off, long service leave etc, which are updated with each payroll. This means that pay advices and envelopes can show details of the current pay, year to date earnings and tax, and also current entitlements, keeping your employees fully informed.

Extensive online enquiries and reports also allow this information to be examined as needed, to answer any one off enquiries. In fact, full details for every pay processed are maintained on the system for enquiry, allowing any type of query to be answered quickly and efficiently.

Of course the system also provides full reporting for non-contributory superannuation schemes, detailing employee and employer contributions in a form acceptable to fund managers. Similar reporting is available for other deductions payable to third parties, like health and insurance funds, union dues, inhouse social clubs etc.

Salary reviews are also managed by the system, and the employee skills base can be used for internal recruitment and promotion, as well as providing information required by the Training Guarantee Scheme.

Group Certificates can be produced on demand for terminated employees, or at the end of the payroll year for your current workforce. If an employee has transferred between Group Employers within your corporate structure, then multiple group certificates will be produced.

Pay days are always accompanied by a hive of activity in the pay office, and urgent expectation written across the face of your paymaster. Stamina Payroll will not eliminate the critical nature of this application, but it will streamline your payroll, minimize data entry and bring a smile to the face of your paymaster.



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