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A number of useful business tools and utilities have evolved within the Stamina environment to satisfy the day to day needs of a busy workplace. These are packaged under the general heading of Office Automation, and can result in significant savings and efficiencies in your everyday working environment.

ELECTRONIC DIARY: lets you maintain an electronic diary that can be referenced by other people, though individual appointments can be marked as private. Uses a month at a glance layout with explosions for any day, it also allows conference meetings to be scheduled for multiple people with a single entry. Can also be used as an electronic Status Board, so you can quickly determine who is where, when, why and for how long. If used correctly, anyone can make an appointment for anyone else with confidence.

PERSONAL NOTEBOOK: is an electronic form of the jotter pad and the scraps of paper that always seem to flutter around a busy desk. This allows you to keep TO DO list and tid-bits of useful information at your fingertips, but unlike the scraps of paper you may be using now, this electronic jotter can not be misplaced!

PROSPECT SYSTEM: is a complete prospecting tool, allowing details of prospects name, address and phone details, interests and information on contacts to be stored. Actions can be set for specific days, and direct mail can be accomplished with production of labels or personalised letters. If you have no need for a prospecting system to support your marketing functions, it can also be used as a comprehensive electronic ROLODEX.

TEXT PROCESSING: if you need to be able to produce form letters, but don’t need the power of a full blown word processing system, this provides a facility to use the RUNOFF text processor, which supports boldface, underlining etc and can extract any information from your corporate database for inclusion within a document.

TASK MANAGEMENT: allows projects to be broken down into any number of tasks, which can be prioritorized, be dependent on other tasks, and be assigned to anyone within the organisation for actioning. Any type of project can be controlled and managed, from a major construction, to software development, or just organise an office party.

ELECTRONIC MAIL: lost messages will be a thing of the past with the comprehensive electronic mail system. You may establish your own mail lists for automatic distribution of messages, and recipients are warned that they have unread mail waiting. Mail may be scheduled for future transmission, which is a facility used extensively to warn people of impending diary appointments, internal audits, business alarm conditions etc. Of course, hard copies of any mail sent or received can be obtained, and the integration with the rest of the system means that Electronic Mail can become a powerful Quality Tool.


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