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It is not uncommon for many organizations to have over 80% of their capital tied up in stock, and the need for an effective Inventory Management System is no less important to the Manufacturing and Service sectors as for the wholesale and retail industries.

Inventory management is much more than never running out of stock, though this is one of the primary objectives. Other considerations like the reality of variable supply and demand, the need to maximise return on investment, finite funds and storage facilities, fluctuations in market conditions for buying and selling prices etc make this one of the most important tasks that many businesses undertake.

The Stamina Inventory system, in conjunction with associated systems like Sales Forecasting, Purchase Orders, Order Entry and Invoicing, Job Costing/Manufacturing and service provide you with a total solution to this complex problem.

At the core of the Inventory System is a comprehensive set of strategic information that describes each product, including details on pricing, markup strategies, weight, volume, reporting and family structures, commissions, stocking units and much more.

You need only maintain details that are relevant to your business, and an unlimited number of user defined fields allow you to record any information we may have overlooked, or that may be required to support your internal QA system.

Product costing can be performed using weighted average, standard, fifo, replacement and individual costing for batch lots and serial number controlled products as required. Quantities can be recorded with up to 4 decimal places, and the product code itself can be from 1 to 25 characters long.

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Individual products can be designated as non-stock, in which case the system records transactions but doesn’t maintain stock levels, normal products, kits, multi-packs or assemblies, with up to 20 levels of sub-assembly.

Assembly products may be assembled or disassembled from within the Inventory system, or manufactured via Job Costing if more appropriate.

Stamina automatically maintains details of the last price paid for a product from various suppliers. Additional comparative price information can be manually updated from quotations, price lists etc to give a single source of reference in the event your preferred supplier can not fill an order. These details can also be updated electronically from price update disks if this service is offered by your suppliers.

For multi-location environments a complete sub-system for planning and allocating stock transfers is provided, and the system also provides for automatic stock replenishment via a prioritorized multi-point star distribution system. Transfers can be processed using a closed or open loop technique, or a combination of both.

Stores requisitions provide a mechanism to pull stock from stores directly to a job, or simply to an expense account to record internal consumption and use.

The stocktaking facilities allow for flexible stock selection using criteria like bin location, stocktake cycle, product family etc. This selection can be done in advance of the physical count, allowing ample time for production and distribution of count sheets. etc.

Actual stocktake figures can be entered manually, or transferred from Portable Data Entry (PDE) units, with the time critical nature of these entries removed through the use of frozen physical stock levels for comparison.

Stock tickets can be products from orders, receipts, transfers or via manual request as needed. The physical format of the label can vary to suit the requirements of the stock being ticketed, and bar codes can be produced using normal dot matrix printers, laser printers and specialized bar code printers.

The headache of updating selling prices is reduced with the price update procedures, allowing updates by fixed percentage and/or dollar amounts, or through the use of margin maintenance using intelligent pricing rules.

Extensive screen enquiries ensure that you are always able to answer queries with a minimum of fuss. Stock availability, profitability across customer categories, full details of all stock movements through electronic stock cards, and tracing individual stock serial numbers and batches are just some of the vital decision making information Stamina brings to your fingertips.

Reporting options allow you to quickly obtain a stock valuation, isolate slow moving or low margin products, produce parts explosions for production, or evaluate performance down to the level of individual products, or summarized up through the generic product family trees.

These focused reports allow you to obtain the level of detail you require for a particular task. To examine your total stock position summary reports are fine, while more detailed reports can then be obtained for those areas that require special attention.

The Stamina Inventory System is a proven solution to the complex problems associated with effective stock management. It provides you with tools and information to reduce stock levels, maintain margins and increase overall profitability.

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