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This is the vibrant heart of your business, pulsing with every transaction that takes place throughout the entire Stamina system. Like a real heart, much of the operation of the General Ledger is totally automatic, being driven by the normal day to day workings of other aspects of the Stamina System, resulting in information that is accurate, up to date and readily accessible.

Few practical limits exist when installing the system, which provides free form alpha-numeric coding for the Chart of Accounts which is automatically replicated across multiple accounting entities, variable accounting periods with multiple open financial periods and years, up to 25 active budgets per year, flexible end of year processing and unlimited retention of information at summary or detail level.

In addition to the transactions generated from other systems, you may also enter Manual Journals, Standing Journals and Accruals (or auto-reversing entries). If you need to automatically apportion amounts in fixed ratios across multiple accounts and/or entities, you may use Automatic Distributions or the Ratio Posting facilities.

A more complicated situation that frequently arises is the need to make journal entries that are related to the balances in multiple accounts. For example, in a Retail environment you may decide that you need to apportion administrative overheads across multiple stores using a sales ratio, on the basis that stores with higher sales make a larger demand on administration resources.

In a spreadsheet this may be represented by a formula like:

Sales for Store 1
Store 1 Administration Charge =
X Administration Expenses
Sales for ALL Stores

The Stamina General Ledger System allows you to define this type of journal entry by way of the Super Ratio Posting facilities, automating an otherwise time consuming task.

Regardless of original source, all entries to the General Ledger follow the normal rules for double entry accounting. In addition, the system will automatically generate inter-company transfer entries if required, to ensure that each discrete accounting entity is always in total balance.

Extensive enquiry facilities allow you to examine a yearly summary of any account, and detailed information from any financial period can be displayed if needed. Consolidations using an external tiered structure or generalized query can also be performed for any arbitary grouping of accounting entities.

Click for General Ledger Account Structure Flow Chart

Reporting facilities include numerous Trial Balance options, providing summary, detailed or comparative figures, Source Cross Reference transaction listings, production of General Ledger Work Sheets for end of period adjustments and even a Potential Bad Posting report that highlights where the wrong account may have been used for a posting.

Additional special procedures allow you to close General Ledger Periods, or re-open them if required, perform provisional or real end of years, load opening balances or load or restore budget or comparative figures from previous years. You can even perform General Ledger Stocktakes if you don't have the Inventory or Fixed Asset Systems.

Click for General Ledger System Flow Chart



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