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Effective management demands access to concise, meaningful information in order to make accurate decisions that will result in optimal outcomes. The Stamina Financial Reporting System builds upon the power of the General Ledger to provide a flexible reporting tool capable of providing you with the unique management reports appropriate to your decision making processes and business needs.

Balance Sheets, Profit Statements, Source and Application of Funds Statements, Trading Statements and Supporting Schedules are just some of the reports that can be produced by the system, which can access any information from your financial database.

You have total control over the vertical and horizontal presentation of a report, through a unique definition for each axis. The definition process is simple and straight forward, allowing changes and new reports to be generated with a minimum of effort.

Each Report Heading, or vertical definition, allows up to 100,000 print lines to be specified, each controlling spacing, general formatting like printing column and under/over-lines, totalling, ratio definitions and the source of information for that line.

Information can be extracted from an external text file, an internal description, specific accounts, categories or category groups, or any of the 100,000 separate totals or sub-totals allowed within a report, giving you total control over the order and detail of information presented within a report.

Report Columns, or horizontal definitions, control the order of columns within a report, and further refines the source of information for each column to a specific time period. A column can reference actual or budget information from any financial year or period, perform calculations, express exact or rounded figures or percentages or contain textual information.  There are no limits placed upon the age references for a column, so it is possible to have columns containing comparative or budget figures for the last 50 years, or expressing variations between any of these in either dollar or percentage terms. You also control the width of each column, and using compressed printing mode can define reports up to 240 characters wide.

Generating a management report is then simply a matter of combining a horizontal and vertical report format with any group of accounting entities, allowing for unlimited consolidation possibilities. To include additional comparative or analytic information in a report it is simply necessary to change one or more of these combined factors.

Standard combinations of report formats and accounting entities can be stored as a single Run Option, which can produce any number of reports with a single request, greatly simplifying end of period reporting procedures.

Additionally, the Participation Equity Accounting feature allows a group of accounting entities to be established that exactly reflects the ownership of these entities. It is then possible to produce financial reports that exactly reflect this ownership, producing truly tailored financial reports.

There are no logical limits on the number of Report Headings, Columns and Entity Groups that can be maintained on the system, giving you an almost infinite range of reporting possibilities.

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