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Effective cash management is a basic requirement for any business. The Stamina Bank Reconciliation System will keep you informed of your current cash position, and also provides an extension of the features found in a manual Cash Book.

Multiple bank accounts in a number of financial institutions can be managed simultaneously, and details for other financial institutions referenced throughout the system can also be maintained, such as employee or customer banks.

Details of physical deposits made to an institution can be manually entered, automatically generated from Accounts Receivable or Point of Sale receipts or a combination of both. This deposit information can then be used to produce a bank deposit slip if required, and also becomes a figure that can be verified against a bank statement.

The system also records details of all cheques generated from the Payroll and the Accounts Payable Systems. Manually drawn cheques can also be processed, with expenses allocated to multiple general ledger dissection accounts if needed.

When a bank statement arrives it becomes a multi-purpose source document. Details of fees, bank charges, etc can be processed, which will update the appropriate general ledger accounts, individual bank deposits can be reconciled, and details of presented cheques can be entered.

Alternatively, if your bank offers an electronic banking service it may be possible to obtain this information via a modem, or through magnetic tape or diskette.

This process of matching and elimination may highlight some errors, such a cheques being presented with no record of it being drawn, or a mismatch in amounts between the original cheque or deposit entered on the system, and that obtained from the bank statement.

Reports are available to investigate these errors in detail, and you may also obtain a list of bank deposits that are as yet unprocessed by the bank, and also Unpresented cheques.

Once any errors have been resolved a full reconciliation of any bank account is only a keystroke away, as either a screen enquiry or a hard copy report, at a moments notice. The Stamina Bank Reconciliation System can let you know your true cash position in minutes, rather than hours or days.

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