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Information is the key to effective management, and is also one of the most valuable resources you possess. On the one hand it must be protected from abuse, while at the same time be freely available to key decision makers.

The Stamina Security System solves this apparent dilemma in a typically efficient and non-obtrusive manner. It is like a silent, omnipresent guardian that oversees the operation of every terminal user. At its simplest level, the security system allows any menu, process or form to be protected with a password. In order to gain access to a protected area a terminal operator must first supply a valid password, which can be unique to each company or accounting entity if required.

Greater control can be exercised through the use of "Security Profiles", which define not only which processes can be accessed, but also how each process or form can be used. For example, you could allow access to a maintenance process and only allow information to be reviewed, with no possibility for creation or amendment.

These security profiles operate as a number of inter-woven levels. At the highest level you can define which systems and processes are to be available within each company or accounting entity.

For example, direct access to the General Ledger System may be restricted to head office in a multi-location environment. Head office may also have access to all features of the Accounts Payable System, with other locations restricted to enquiries only, and all locations having full access to the Accounts Receivable System.

In a similar manner, security profiles can be established for all or selected users, defining exactly which companies or entities can be accessed, which processes within each entity, and also the mode of operation allowable within a process.

These user profiles allow a view of the features available with Stamina to be established that is appropriate to an individuals needs. Processes that are not relevant are simply not displayed on menus, and can not be accessed under any circumstances.

If appropriate, this concept can also be extended to the level of individual terminals on the system.

This may mean that terminals in non-secure areas would only have restricted access to the system, regardless of who is using the terminal, or that terminals in a remote branch can only access information originating from the branch.

If appropriate, protection can also be extended right down to individual fields within a process or form. You can hide the contents of a field from view, display information but inhibit change, allow full access or even put a password on a field.

For example, this could mean that you could allow a clerk to have access to employee information in the Payroll System. However, if their job function was simply to maintain up to date address and next of kin information, all other fields could be hidden from prying eyes and tampering.

Alternatively, a password could be placed on the price and discount fields in the invoicing procedure to ensure all discounting is authorised. The only way a non-standard price or discount could be entered would be with the entry of a password, which would only be known by your credit controller.

As an added security measure you may also set terminal inactivity timers. If a terminal is logged on, and has not been used for, say, 10 minutes, the system assumes that the original operator may have left the terminal and will automatically be logged off, which also helps reduce your concurrent user count.

The Stamina Security System can protect your information in an invisible sheath, ensuring that all system users only have access to the information YOU decide they need.


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