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Intelligent business management demands effective control of your debtors. Your business survival depends on a continued demand for your goods and services by your customers, and also on the cash flow generated by converting your Accounts Receivable into money in the bank.

Stamina Accounts Receivable will help your bad debts through strict enforcement of your credit policy, and also by alerting you to potential problem accounts before they become delinquent.

Onscreen payment follow up routines make it easy to chase outstanding monies. Flexible selection criteria can be used to identify accounts that may need personal attention, and details from previous contacts are displayed for reference and verification, making your collections much simplier.

In addition, finance charges can be automatically calculated and applied, as an added enticement for your customers to make payments within the terms of trade you specify.

Customer queries can be answered with equal ease, providing a new level of customer service. Stamina allows you to enquire on current and historical transactions, tracing open transactions, which cheque paid which invoice, and when, or which invoices were paid by a particular cheque.

Of course you can also examine current account balance, status, full details of invoices and credits, date of last payment, period by period turnover and payment summaries etc on screen. You can even produce a copy of a document that was originally printed months or years ago from your historical database if you need to.

Free form document entry can be used to produce original invoices for service billing, progress payments for the Job Costing System or even quantity/rate related items, and of course the invoice can fit any existing stationary you may have.

If you product original documentation by hand, or on another system, then you can utilize the manual transaction facility to record gross dissections and other key details. In a wholesale/distribution environment most entries would originate from the Order Entry and Invoicing System, and retail transactions would be sourced from the Point of Sale System.

Cyclic processing is also available for use in situations like periodic rentals, standing service charges, block advertising and other repeat business areas.

Cash payments can be entered online, producing a receipt if required, with allocation to invoices made at this point, or later if required. Details of these cash receipts can be passed to the Bank Reconciliation System for the production of a deposit slip, which includes details of all cheques received.

Statements can be products on demand, in a number of formats. Balance forward customers will obviously have a balance forward presentation, while open item accounts would list full details of all current transactions.

Open item customers can also have a balance forward statement produced, allowing tighter internal control while keeping a simple presentation for your customers. Both customer types can also have Invoice/Statements produced, where full details of the original invoice are duplicated on the statement, avoiding the problems associated with customers who loose invoices.

Other standard reports include trial balances, both summary and detailed, in numerous sort sequences, credit limit exceeded, inactive accounts, low turnover accounts, sales tax reporting, unapplied credits, disputed transactions etc, plus the possibilities offered by the Query Language.

Stamina Accounts Receivable will help keep you in touch with your core business and customer base, so that you can easily monitor who is spending how much, when, and that they pay on time.


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