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Few people like writing cheques, but the companies and individuals that you deal with must be paid for the goods and services they provide. The Stamina Accounts Payable System puts you in control of these liabilities, and is an effective tool for cash flow management, helping to ensure you claim any valid discounts and maintain your good credit rating.

It also provides you with information that can be used to negotiate better discounts or trading terms, like how much you have purchased over the past "X months", the value of credits issued or the purchases you have made over a broad category which could be consolidated to a single supplier.

Details of invoices and credits can be entered directly into the Accounts Payable System, or may be passed from associated systems like the Asset Register or Purchase Orders System. Each transaction is identified with a unique voucher number, and due dates calculated using flexible payment terms, which you can over ride if you have come to a special arrangement.

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Cyclic transactions, like rent or lease payments, can be automated to reduce data entry to a minimum. Buying groups are also supported, allowing you to purchase from one supplier but make payment to another, and information is readily available for claiming and controlling rebates.

Automatic payment procedures allow you to quickly select all items due for payment, or those that will attract a discount if paid. This list can then be manually refined, or invoices part paid, until cash requirements are within your current budget, or alternatively you can manually select which vouchers will be paid, and those that will not.

As well as producing cheques and remittance advices, disputed items can also be entered, allowing you to produce an accurate statement for complete supplier reconciliation, eliminating the queries often associated with payments.

You can still write manual cheques if needed, and prepaid invoices can also be processed with a single operation.

Extensive enquiry and reporting facilities will answer any queries that may arise on current or historical transactions, with full open item details or summarized information available.

Category control for your suppliers provides a simple method of compliance to the requirements of International Standards for Quality Assurance.

Stamina Accounts Payable can also process invoices and payments in foreign currencies, typically used in conjunction with the Importing System. Foreign currency transactions are converted to US Dollar equivalents, and foreign exchange profit or loss is automatically calculated if appropriate.

In addition to the normal enquiry and reporting facilities, full maintenance and tracking of foreign exchange contracts is also provided by the system, and overseas draft payments are also possible.

Details of all cheque payments are passed to the Bank Reconciliation System, completing the payment cycle in effective cash management.

If your payments need to be approved or ratified, payment dissection reports show exactly how funds were applied, and cash requirements reporting allows you to gain pre-approval for future payments if necessary.

Stamina Accounts Payable does not eliminate the need to draw cheques but it does put you back in control so that you know in advance who you will have to pay, when and why.

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