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WordLynx runs as a service under Windows NT, allowing the WordLynx  Server to operate whilst the machine is being used for other tasks, or even when it is not logged on to a Windows Network, and the machine must (obviously) have a licenced copy of Microsoft Word installed (tested with Word 97 & 2000 - Word 6/95 not tested, but should be AOK)

It operates by using Word Templates, which are merged with data originating from your host environment. This data is extracted from files written to a known directory, typically by the use of Super-Q pointers under D3 (eg via Samba on D3/Linux, which mounts a drive/share on the WordLynx Server), but we have also used the file transfer capabilities of AccuTerm in non-network environment

Each WordLynx document is ultimately composed from 2 templates - a header which is included once (though obviously may/will appear on many pages, and a line item template that is used recursively for line item details (eg: invoice line item)

As well as including textual information, special insert fields can also point to graphics filenames that should be included in the completed WordLynx document. This facility can be used to add signatures, include special promotional messages/images, or any other graphic, non-textual content.

The templates themselves can simply be changed with Word, so if a user wants to change an advertising banner, or totally re-arrange a document, they are empowered to do so, and we don't have to get involved from a programming standpoint. The only time an application change is required is if you need to include a new field for merging within the WordLynx document.

WordLynx can then direct the complete document to be printed to any Windows printer that the WordLynx Server is aware of (R5 keeps this resource list in a D3 file), faxed (via FaxLynx) or to a named file (typically for use as an attachment with MailLynx).

System Requirements
Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Professional
Service Pack 2
Windows NT Server or Windows NT Workstation Version 4,
Service Pack 6 or greater

Microsoft Word 2000 or Microsoft Word 97,
Service Release 1 or greater

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