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FaxLynx consists of the main FaxLynx Server, a Client for use from any windows based product, and some fax administration, configuration & monitoring routines.

The main FaxLynx Server or engine runs as a service under Windows NT, allowing the WordLynx Server to operate whilst the machine is being used for other tasks, or even when it is not logged on to a Windows Network. It provides an enterprise class fax gateway for outgoing faxes originating from any Windows based program from your PC network, with special facilities to support WordLynx, and can also be used for inbound fax receipt.

The FaxLynx Server can use any fax/modem that is supported by Windows, and for outbound traffic is fully TAPI compliant. That means that the FaxLynx Server can operate with a pool of fax/modems, which in turn may be shared with other applications (like a modem sharing pool), as long as these applications do not require the exclusive use of the modem. (Whilst there are no practical limits on the number of pooled fax/modems, we have not had it operating with more than four modems.)

Inbound fax receipt requires the dedicated use of one or more fax/modems from your pool, which in turn would correspond to your published fax numbers. Incoming faxes can be directed to print to a nominated windows printer, and the inbound fax/modems can also be used for outbound fax traffic if appropriate.

The client software installs a FaxLynx printer device under windows, which will allow any windows based programs to print to the fax device to access the FaxLynx Server. Output routed to the FaxLynx Client will prompt for a fax number, and also a fax priority & transmission date and time. When used with WordLynx, these parameters are automatically supplied (R5 has a standard fax dialog for any forms being sent via WordLynx/FaxLynx).

Complete transmission logs are maintained by FaxLynx, which may be interrogated by clients. When used with WordLynx this information is written to a text file which can then be processed & cleared by your host system. (In R5 we have a phantom process that routinely processes these log entries & updates database entries with transmission details, and alerts users of any failed fax attempts).

System Requirements
FaxLynx Server
Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Professional
Service Pack 2

Windows NT Server or Windows NT Workstation Version 4,
Service Pack 6 or greater

One or more Windows-compatible fax/modems

FaxLynx Client
Windows 95/98 or Windows NT Server or Workstation
Version 4 (NT requires Service Pack 6 or greater)

Network connection to the FaxLynx server computer

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