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Full working trial versions of the Lynx products can be downloaded, along with copies of the manuals. FaxLynx is limited to 2 clients, which is enough to get it operational with WordLynx and 1 other windows based client. Please be aware that the trial versions of the product expire in 30 days, but that should be ample time to test the features. Obviously if there is some functionality that our products don't have, let us know as we are always striving to improve our products and exceed our customers expectations.

The WordLynx and FaxLynx downloads operate both as trial versions and upgrades. The Setup programs check your system for a registered copy before installing themselves. If a registered copy is found, the program will upgrade your existing installation. If you have not previously installed the program, you will be asked whether you wish to install the Trial version or the Registered version. Installing the Registered version will require an unlocking key that will be provided when we have received your payment details.

MailLynx here is available only as a Trial version. If you are a registered user of MailLynx and wish to upgrade your system, please contact us directly.


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Questions or problems ?

If they relate to the Lynx Products themselves
(ie: the Windows components & installation issues)
Email: ryanh@stamina.com.au

If you have any other problems or questions.
Email: support@stamina.com.au

Lynx Products



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