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Stamina Software Pty Limited is a private Australian company that was formed and incorporated in December, 1981. Originally providing contract consulting services to a broad range of businesses, the company was restructured in late 1985 to concentrate on Software Research & Development.

The objectives of Stamina Software are to :

  • maintain a business ethic based on trust, honesty, reliability & integrity
  • develop world class, quality business solutions in selected markets
  • ensure that our products adapt to the changing needs and demands of our customers
  • leverage new and innovative technologies and techniques for our customers advantage
  • offer the highest possible level of after sales service and support

Implicit to these objectives is the desire to make our products available on the widest possible range of hardware platforms, ensuring that our clients will never be locked into only being able to source brand X hardware, or suffer from a system that was not able to grow as their company expanded. Today this is referred to as an Open System.

Stamina Software products are scalable from a single user PC through to mainframes capable of supporting thousands of online users, and can be deployed and freely migrated across platforms like Windows 2003/2008 Server and popular versions of Unix, including Linux, AIX (IBM), HP-UX (Hewlett Packard) and Solaris (Sun).

We have exploited the many strengths of the powerful, multi-dimensional database at the core of our products originally with our own ZAPT! 4GL rapid development tools for character based applications, and more recently with Viságe for GUI/Web deployment.

Today we offer over 35 software modules that address the needs of the Wholesale/ Distribution, Retail, Light Manufacturing/Jobbing, Service and General Accounting sectors, and a number of specialized niche markets such as Occupational Health & Safety, Risk Management & Corporate Governance.

Our customers range in size from large national and multi-national companies with hundreds of devices, through to small businesses operating single user systems, and we have clients in New Zealand, South East Asia, Africa, the United States of America and across Australia.

It is a tribute to the skills of our software engineers and business analysts, and also a vindication of our design parameters, that our software fits so readily into such a diverse range of businesses, in terms of size and business activity.

We recognized the importance of "getting it right" with our software from day one, and actively seek the input of long term computer users, and our own customers, to ensure that our products are relevant to their intended market. In some cases entire systems and sub-systems have been re-engineered to add flexibility, functionality or features, and to stay in tune with the real world.

From the outset we strove for a product that was 100% free of the bugs that infest so much of today’s software, and pride ourselves on the fact that our standard software works first time, every time, and we have earned an enviable reputation for software excellence and innovation.

This high standard is maintained through strict adherence to a rigorous regime of complete system testing and internal quality standards before even the most minor modifications are released. In addition to the obvious benefits this has for our valued customers, it also means that our software support requirements are reduced to a bare minimum.

We are a customer focused service organization, and strive to provide after sales service and support that is second to none. Our dedicated support Hotline provide access to all of our facilities and resources, including the architects and developers of the software, and the use of modems and the Internet ensure that our customers receive immediate response.

Regular in-house training sessions are conducted to ensure our customers maintain their skill and knowledge levels, and so that they can keep abreast of new features introduced with our annual product updates, and onsite training is always available for larger groups.

We are a growing, dynamic company that remains committed to excellence in software and support, and providing solutions that not only solve the problems faced by our customers, but enable our customers to better service their clients.


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